11:00 AM Events

Super Dinosaur Cartoon Premiere, Turning a Comic Into a CartoonJason HowardMezzanine Panel Room 1Jason Howard and Skybound Entertainment present the premiere episode of Super Dinosaur, a cartoon coming soon to the U.S. Jason will talk about the process of turning a comic book he created into a cartoon series and video game.
DM-ing 101Brad Butts, Fenway Jones, Jacob WatermanMezzanine Panel Room 2Have you been wanting to get into Dungeon Mastering but have been too intimidated by it? In this panel we will give you the basics of DMing and dispell some of the fears you might have of getting into the DM chair.
Body Positivity in CosplayLeague of EnchantmentMezzanine Panel Room 3 Panelists – Michelle Weir, Danielle Armstrong, Miranda Bolton, moderated by Elissa Daley. This panel explores the commonly used shame method to stop people from doing what they want to do, wearing what they want to wear, and being who they want to be. Panel highlights include body positivity, bullying, clothing, and cosplay. We want YOU to be YOU!
Comics and Graphic Novels in Schools and LibrariesJoy Currie, Cat Weaver, Marisela GarzaMezzanine Panel Room 4A panel of career librarians and teachers talk about using comics and graphic novels in the classroom and in the library system.
Audio Air Force Radio DramaAudio Air ForceMain Stage on ConcourseLive radio drama performance [NOTE: This presentation will conclude by 11:30 am.]
Stage Combat DemonstrationJedi Council, Helaman’s WarriorsMain Stage on Concourse[NOTE: This presentation starts at 11:30 am.]

12:00 PM Events

Comic Book WritingJim ShooterMezzanine Panel Room 1Former Marvel Editor in Chief Jim Shooter tells you what you need to know to create and write comics stories. Using slides and examples, Jim explains how to get an idea, the art and architecture of stories, how to write well and successfully, and more—revealing fundamentals of the craft that will help you bring your creations to life. Essential knowledge for artists as well as writers.
Character Creation 101Noell CosplayMezzanine Panel Room 2An author/cosplayer/actress shares her tips and tricks on writing, roleplaying, cosplaying, and theatre-ing realistic characters. Bring your questions about creation mechanics, the industry, or whatever else you’d like to know! Also, bring your characters, and I’ll help you bring them to life!
Cosplay With FamilyLeague of EnchantmentMezzanine Panel Room 3Panelists – Ryan Bolton, Miranda Bolton, Shauna Smith. Should I cosplay with family? Panel looks at the ability of cosplay to become a family hobby, how it affects family growth and connections. How cosplay can grow your family create lasting friendships and help with a positive family outlook.
Heroes of S.T.E.A.MJim McClainMezzanine Panel Room 42018 Pop Culture Educator of the Year Jim McClain (Solution Squad), introduces a program to motivate students (grades 4 and up) to do research in any subject area (not just S.T.E.A.M.) by turning the details of their research into the qualities of their very own self-created superheroes who square off in mock combat using a simple dice game that reinforces computation skills. (Stop by Jim’s booth #151 anytime for demos of the game!)
Space Ghost Interviews Comic Creator Larry HamaSpace Ghost, Larry HamaMain Stage on ConcourseLate night talk show host Space Ghost interviews Larry Hama, long-time writer of G.I. Joe, Wolverine, and other Marvel and DC comics. [NOTE: This presentation will conclude by 12:30.]
Audio Air Force Radio DramaAudio Air ForceMain Stage on Concourse[NOTE: This presentation starts at 12:30.] Live radio drama performance.

1:00 PM Events

Stepping Up Your Art GameTony MielloMezzanine Panel Room 1Tony will give aspiring artists advice on improving their work and share some easy to do tips to get their art noticed in an attempt to break into the comic business. He will share stories and examples from his career and take questions during the panel. He’ll also talk about ways to submit your work to publishers.
Roleplaying With a GroupJacob Waterman, NerdolopediaMezzanine Panel Room 2Are you new to the roleplaying game world? Not sure how to roleplay or how to act in a group doing it? We’ll give you the tips and trick on how to get into character and have fun roleplaying in a group.
“Behind the Mask” – Documentary Movie PremiereLeague of Enchantment, Kiel WatsonMezzanine Panel Room 3Q and A panel after movie – Shamus Smith, Katie Whittaker, Samantha Desentz, and documentary filmmaker Kiel Watson. Some heroes wear masks to hide their pain. Some give others power to fight their own demons, or bring people hope because they have known despair. What happens when a group bands together and starts trying to make a impact? This 30 minute documentary shows impact, hardship and healing. Accidental filmmaker and Iraq war veteran Kiel Watson spent years frozen in a block of ice until he was pulled from the glacier by the League of Enchantment for one mission, one that never ends… Video editing. His first short documentary Behind the Mask is slated for submission to the BEA Festival of Media Arts, and he’s currently producing the Space Ghost live interview series for the League of Enchantment YouTube channel. [NOTE: This presentation is expected to run slightly late due to the film length.]
MSU Game Design Program PresentationMSU Game Design StaffMezzanine Panel Room 4Staff from MSU’s Game Design program discuss the various ways you can be involved in the game design industry, from artist to writer to project manager to programmer.
Scholarship PresentationChristina DeJong (Capital City Staff)Main Stage on ConcourseFind out about the Capital City Comic Con Art Scholarship and the Comic Art Minor at MSU. Our 2019 Capital City Comic Con Art Scholarship winner Lora Root will be awarded a $1,000 commission for her cover art for our program book. Prints (11×17) of her art are available for purchase at the Capital City information booth at the Breslin entry, and Lora can be found in booth #58 to get her autograph on them! [NOTE: This presentation will conclude by 1:30 pm.]
Stage Combat PresentationJedi Council, Helamen’s WarriorsMain Stage on Concourse[NOTE: This presentation will start at 1:30 pm.]

2:00 PM Events

Q&A With Comic Creator Larry HamaLarry HamaMezzanine Panel Room 1Ask Larry anything! Larry will talk about comics, the business, art, production, process, acting, music – you name it.
Worldbuilding for Gamemasters and AuthorsBryan Donihue of Section 28 PublishingMezzanine Panel Room 2A chance to learn about, and discuss, methods used by author and game designer Bryan Donihue to build his immersive and persistent world: The World of Incursion. Bryan will discuss his method of building a coherent world, of keeping track as it grows, and even some of the mistakes that he has made along the way.
Cosplay On a BudgetLeague of EnchantmentMezzanine Panel Room 3[NOTE: This presentation will start slightly late at approximately 2:15, due to the length of the previous panel in this room.] Panelists – Denise McKay, Ryan Williams, Samantha Desentz. Not only how to build but how to locate materials for your cosplay builds, all on budget. Covers topics like budget, commissions, tools, parts, and includes a brainstorming section with the audience.
How I Wrote a Book Without Realizing ItAllison SpoonerMezzanine Panel Room 4Are you struggling to write a book? Or, just to write anything at all? Do you envy the writers that seem to crank out one book or story after the other? It’s not easy, but if a self-proclaimed procrastinator can do it, so can you. Find out how author Allison Spooner wrote multiple books without even realizing it, using prompts, deadlines, parameters, and flash fiction.
Audio Air Force Radio DramaAudio Air ForceMain Stage on ConcourseLive radio drama performance. [NOTE: This presentation will conclude by 2:30 pm.]
Space Ghost Interviews George Lowe (the voice of Space Ghost)Space Ghost, George LoweMain Stage on Concourse[NOTE: This presentation will start at 2:30 pm.] See what hilarity occurs when Space Ghost interviews the voice of Space Ghost! This panel may contain PG-13 content.

3:00 PM Events

Comics and PinballRyan ClaytorMezzanine Panel Room 1Michigan State University professor and award-winning comics creator, Ryan Claytor, outlines “Coin-Op Carnival,” a new 64-page print publication. “Coin-Op Carnival” is the only source for full-color, completely illustrated content documenting the history and stories surrounding electro-mechanical coin-operated amusement devices (pinball and pre-video arcade games manufactured prior to 1978). Each issue includes an interview with a game designer, in-depth game reviews, E.M. tech explained, product spotlights, comics, and more. Every page of the publication features new full-color illustrations and comics from Ryan Claytor, with articles written by both Claytor and Nick Baldridge, host of “For Amusement Only, the E.M. and Bingo Pinball Podcast”, creator of the custom-built “Multi-Bingo” pinball machine, and seasoned tech.
Self-Publishing Comics Discussion PanelAdam Ferris, K.J. Kaminski, Stefani ManardMezzanine Panel Room 2Adam Ferris, K.J. Kaminski, and Stefani Manard present a panel discussion and Q&A on self-publishing comics. Get various perspectives on self publishing comics in the industry from these three amazing creators! Adam Ferris has contributed to and/or edited seven successful Kickstarter comics and anthologies. K.J. Kaminski is the founder of Big Blue Comics, an independent publishing company specializing in sci-fi series in a shared universe. Stefani Manard has released numerous comics and prose work via self-publishing, Kickstarter, and other small publishers.
Kid’s Costume ContestLeague of Enchantment with guest judges Ryan Holmes (Ghostbusters) and Alexis Noriega (Crooked Feather)Main Stage on Concourse[NOTE: This event will start at 3:30pm. Pre-registration for contestants is required at the League of Enchantment Booth #179.] See our contest rules at capcitycomiccon.com/cosplay.

4:00 and 5:00 PM Events

Adult Costume Contest League of Enchantment with guest judges Ryan Holmes (Ghostbusters) and Alexis Noriega (Crooked Feather) Main Stage on Concourse [NOTE: Pre-registration for contestants is required at the League of Enchantment Booth #179.] See our contest rules at capcitycomiccon.com/cosplay.
Space Ghost Interviews Comic Creator Jim ShooterSpace Ghost, Jim ShooterMain Stage on Concourse[NOTE: This event will begin at approximately 4:30 pm, after the costume contest concludes.] What secrets will late night talk show host Space Ghost pry out of Jim Shooter?
Stage Combat DemonstrationJedi Council, Helaman’s WarriorsMain Stage on Concourse[NOTE: This event will begin at approximately 5:00 pm, after Space Ghost Interviews Jim Shooter.]