toy hack
Superhero, or Super Villain? Either way, we love it!

All activities below are included in the price of admission!

Face Painting

Learn to Draw Comics

Toy Hack:  Come hack, chop and modify old toys to make your very own superhero or creature creation! Whatever you can dream up, you can make and take home! Join TinkrLAB to make your VERY OWN Toy Hack masterpiece.

Make-your-own Superhero Mask: We’ve got all the materials for kids to make their own superhero masks! Your mask can be based on a known hero, or use your own creativity and personality to make something totally new.

Make-Your-Own Activity Book: Pick your own coloring pages, puzzles, mad libs and more, and combine them into your own personal activity book to take home. Add autograph and sketch pages to collect signatures and drawings from your favorite guests!

Cosplay contests! Kids and adults can enter cosplay contests for a chance to win prizes! You can also take pictures with your favorite superheroes around the con. Read more about cosplay rules on our web page.