About Capital City Comic Con

Capital City Comic Con is greater Lansing’s premiere comic convention, committed to providing the best exhibition of Comics, Collectibles & Creators in Greater Lansing.

The 2018 Capital City Comic Con hosted more than 1,650 participants at the Breslin Student Events Center on the campus of Michigan State University, filled with comics, games, cosplay, contests, artists, special guests, and more.

As we set our sights on growing the event, we continue our mission to focus on the comic book medium; the creators who invent these imaginary worlds and the collectibles they inspire—to both distinguish ourselves as a true comic convention, and to pay homage to the art form that sparked our imaginations as children and continues to inspire courage in us as adults.

Fully knowing the power comics have to ignite a hunger for reading, we have endeavored to support the pervasive issue of illiteracy in Greater Lansing by partnering with The Reading People at the Capital Area Literacy Coalition, a nonprofit organization that has helped children and adults in the capital area and throughout the state of Michigan learn to read, write and speak English with an ultimate goal of helping individuals achieve self-sufficiency for more than 30 years.

In addition, we’re proud to have established the Capital City Comic Con Art Scholarship in 2016. The scholarship is offered exclusively to current students at Michigan State University to encourage the study of comic art.

We look forward to hosting an amazing event in 2019, making a significant impact in our community, and continuing to grow Greater Lansing’s own Capital City Comic Con.

Capital City Comic Con

Tim Hunt
Bryan Harris
Jeff Walser

Contact information:

Capital City Comic Con
P.O. Box 4345
East Lansing, MI 48826-4345
email: capcitycomiccon@gmail.com